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For most of my life I have prided myself at being a great multi-tasker. I worked for someone else at a job that consumed nearly fifty hours a week. I mothered two young men. I have been a wife for thirty five years. Later I owned a retail book store that required monstrous amounts of time. Doing more than one thing at a time seemed…well, necessary.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I read somewhere that when you do more than one thing at a time, you really don’t do either thing very well. I wondered if they might be right. Have I been fooling myself that multi tasking was a good thing? Or does my quality suffer when I concentrate on several things at the same time?

There are projects, both business and personal, scattered throughout my house. Being a work-at-home entrepreneur has its advantages. Your home is your office and workspace. The down side of that is that your home is your office and workspace. I try to keep all the “work” stuff in a room but it somehow winds up spilling over onto the dining room table.

So I ask you…is it creative? Or is it crazy!?

Our business has gone through many changes in just eight years. Our initial products were bath and body. But we have also had success in amateur/professional photography. My husband’s creative outlet is wood working; so fine wood crafted items were added. Why shouldn’t everyone benefit from his talent? Someone suggested that with my background in the paint and decorating business that I might enjoy painting vintage furniture. I loved taking broken things and making them new. It was another creative outlet. Vintage furniture and some antiques were added to the mix.

Don’t get me wrong. I love all that we create but I don’t want anyone to feel like we are created so much that it can’t possibly be well done.

So I ask you…is it creative? Or is it crazy!?

I really had to give this some thought when I was working on our “about us” page for the web site. Who are we? I don’t want to confuse our customers. Lots of advice said that I should simplify and set up different shops for different products. But I wanted to represent who we really are. Creatives.

I found all my products had one thing in common…home. So we made a name change to “Hidden Blessings At Home.” This is who we are.

I want to be able to offer anything that I might find lovely or helpful for your home. I want to work on soap one day, and the next day, work on photography. I love the buzz of the saw coming from the garage where my husband is finishing a new table. I also love a road side junk store and the treasures that I might find there.


It has been freeing to finally make the decision to put everything in one place. All businesses go through a type of evolution. If you refuse to change, you will probably not succeed.

I will manage to juggle all that is in the air because I love what I do. But I am trying to be better at focusing on one piece at a time.

So I ask you…is it creative? Or is it crazy!?